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We have extensive, specialized and home made manufacturing facilities coming together to
provide the heart warming and quenching healthy meal. Consumers get to experience food with a earthy twist - of the highest quality.

About Us

Who we are

The Prana team is a great believer in the concept of ‘Home-made’ and ‘Nutritious’ food culture.. We are committed to helping people get a taste of a healthy drink by selecting, perfecting and integrating the most nutritious locally grown foods through a variety of sprouted grains, and seeds


‌The vision of prana is to delight everybody with good taste and healthy meal. Our core value is quality. The dedication to bring to you the food that is consistent irrespective of the quantity drives us to explore new boundaries in product development and to creatively experiment with flavours that will delight, surprise and excite our customers, and additional nutrition that can be consumed everyday.

Quality underlines each and every act of ours from product design and packaging to marketing, sales and communication. Through Prana we share our expertise with consumers to help them remain healthy with ease.

Our Story

‌An enthusiastic mom Divya Adarsh, with a passion for parenting stepped ahead by exploring the options of giving her daughter nutritious and filling meal. Exploring the food options from grains, seeds, flavours also came with the challenges of food storage and quality. Sprouted grains answered the amount of protein and fibre that a toddler needs. On receiving feedbacks from family, the food constituents were substituted to everyone’s taste buds thereby making it a healthy family meal.

Prana aims to provide quality home-made product for everyone in the family by being rich in nutritional value. The 35+ rich ingredients containing millets, sprouted grains , seeds are rich in protein, calcium, fiber and minerals and also has Omega-3,omega-6 and Vitamin B-12 that are present in Chia seeds, Flax seeds and Quinoa and Hazelnut, Macadamia and flax seeds adds additional value containing good fatty acids. These are carefully chosen and lab tested for nutrients and found that they are particularly healthy for all age groups.

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